How do you decide which bugs and features to work on first?

Here at Portainer, we encourage feedback from our customers, and we truly value our user community. That being said, our features and bugs lists are long and at times seem never ending.

Our decision-making process aims to balance user needs with the reality of Portainer's limited time and resources. Despite our best intentions, we know that at times we will disappoint some of you.

Our process

When prioritizing which feature requests to work on, if we answer "yes" to any of the following questions, we will be more likely to add that feature:

  • Will it address a security vulnerability or potential exploitation?
  • Will it have a wide appeal?
  • Will it benefit professional Portainer users?
  • Does the request have at least 20 upvotes in GitHub?
Feature parity
We don't automatically maintain feature parity with Docker or Kubernetes. When a new feature comes out, we ask the same four questions before deciding whether or not to add it to Portainer. And we only add support for features that we feel are stable and are in high demand.

The importance of voting
We receive many feature requests for issues that exist only because of a specific use case. These stay pending until we identify an opportunity, or our community indicates its demand by voting (using the upvote functionality of GitHub discussions).